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Nature and Happiness

It’s no secret that walking out in nature puts one in a comfortable position. But have you ever wondered why?

Scientific Discovery

Scientists can currently see our brain functionality when we are exposed to nature, using new technology that determines the rate of brain waves. They have concluded that a part of the brain- specifically the frontal, becomes more restful when in a natural environment. The scientists also confirm that our blood pressure, stress levels, and heart rate decreases upon spending time in nature.

According to research, human beings tend to be more relaxed whenever they chill outdoors as their senses become more active. We tend to use one or two senses at a time whenever we spend time indoors. However, spending time outdoors enables us to use our four senses appropriately. These include seeing, smelling, hearing, and feeling the nature around us.

The Impact of Shinrin Yoku on Mental Health (Forest Bathing)

The concept of spending time outdoors is referred to as Shinrin Yoku in Japan, and it simply means “forest bathing.” The Shinrin Yoku concept was developed in the 1980s, and it is mainly based on the idea that our senses are engaged to functionality whenever we are outdoors. The idea of Shinrin Yoku is clear.  It involves anyone visiting a natural area and relaxing there to become calmer and healthier. Japanese and South Korean researchers gathered proof to reveal and explain more of Shinrin Yoku’s health benefits.

The researchers have discovered that nature trees excrete chemicals that help improve the human body’s immune system.  These add to the count of the body cells that contribute to fighting cancer cells. The researchers additionally provide that Shinrin Yoku impact increased long-term happiness, restful sleep, quick surgery, and illness recovery. As a result, the Shinrin Yoku has become part of Japanese medicine applied in preventive healthcare and healing.

Hidden Truth About Forest Bathing

The Nature Fix book, written by Florence Williams, provides that spending time in outdoor activities of nature is accrued to various benefits. It can make one happier, healthier, and creative in terms of way of thinking. Williams mentions the pyramid of nature. She mentions that “a little bit of nature is helpful; a little more of nature is even more helpful.” House plants and a walk along the tree-lined streets can be classified at the bottom of the pyramid as it gives small doses of nature. Onto the step of moving up the pyramid, one should spend time out of the urban environment and visit a park or a beach. Healthcare providers usually recommend this for at least one hour a week. The occasional longer trips into the deep nature, for example, camping a whole week into the mountains, are usually classified at the top of the pyramid.

Furthermore, Tim Beatley is a nature expert, and he figures out that we should consider the nature pyramid as like a menu- meaning that we are free to decide how we can spend our time to get the regular dose of nature. Beatley confirms that even if it takes spending a short moment with some house plants or taking longer occasional trips to the countryside mountains, individuals from any given community can improve their well-being by taking a tour outdoors.



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