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Running benefits if done consistently

Running is a terrestrial locomotion that allows people and animals to move very quickly on foot. Adopting running in your calendar can change your life tremendously. Improved health and life expectancy are some of the benefits. Before jumping into running, make a detailed plan of how you start that activity. Prepare and gather knowledge about the subject.

The keys to success:

Various factors attribute to a success in running. Most importantly, your desire and goals you have set to achieve.

Good gear come in handy. The dressing code matters as it will help you and boost morale. Invest in good gear to avoid injuries after the run. Such gear may be shoes, armband, smartwatch, etc.

Its good to start with few miles and improve slowly. A good warm up is key before the run.


Merits of Running

  • Boosts Brain power. While running, the brain coordinates body movement and at the same time keeping it balanced. Prefrontal and premotor cortices are activated to assist adapt locomotion state. Due to the high level of oxygen intake, creation of new brain cells occurs which improves brain performance.
  • Stronger heart muscle. This happens because of rise in heart rate. As adapt to the situation, the heart muscles become stronger, your heart also becomes efficient. A stronger heart reduces risks such as blood pressure, heart failure, etc.
  • Increased blood circulation. As heart rate increases, the blood flow circulation also increases. The body improves its ability to take in and use oxygen. Still, capacity of blood vessels to dilate increases allowing muscles to receive oxygen easily and work efficiently.
  • Reduced Stress. As you exercise, stress hormones reduces while production of endorphins increases. This helps in relaxation. Anxiety and depression reduces. This happens when blood flows through the brain increasing parts that responds to stress.
  • Better sleep. Proper exercise helps tackle sleep related issues and you can get adequate amount of rest. Since excessive weight is lost during this exercise, people are less likely to experience symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

To improve our health, reduce the risk of heart related disease, our body demands exercise. Its recommended to do your exercise in an environment with less distractions. Running is one of the methods that you can adopt and avoid future risks on your health. Learn how to invest in your body by running and enjoy fruits of better health.




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    January 21, 2022

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      January 24, 2022

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