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Subdomain inaccessibility within local network but accessible with other external network

If this happens, it is possible that the domain/subdomain is not accessible within the local network. This can happen if the DNS records for the subdomain have not been properly set up to point to the local network.

To make the domain/subdomain accessible on the local network, you will need to properly configure the DNS records and firewall rules to allow access to the subdomain on the local network. This may require the assistance of a network administrator or IT professional who has experience with configuring DNS records and firewall rules.

Once the domain/subdomain has been properly configured on the local network, it should be accessible from any device on the local network. However, if the subdomain is only accessible from external networks, it is possible that it has been configured to only allow access from external networks, and this will need to be changed in order to make it accessible on the local network as well.



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  1. nwaruingi
    December 29, 2022

    Nice article

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