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Unbelievable: Why a 19-Year Old Teen Rejected Elon Musk’s 500,000 Offer to Delete a Twitter Account

By: Benjamin Njuguna


What would you do if the Richest Man on Earth contacted you and offered Ksh 500,000 (USD 5000) to delete a Twitter account you started in 2020?

Well, Jack Sweeney, a college freshman aged 19 studying Information Technology turned down the offer.

Photo: Courtesey
Elon Musk’s Jet: Image Courtesy of Google Images

In 2020, Jack Sweeney started a Twitter account to track Elon Musk’s jet. Sweeney’s Twitter account @ElonJet quickly gained popularity and it has more than 300K followers.



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Sweeny posts the whereabouts of Elon Musk’s multibillion-dollar jet. He programmed a tracking bot that could trace and track Musk jet’s air traffic data. Although the tracking of air traffic can be done using publicly available information, the specific bot developed by this teen uses sophisticated knowledge to match transponder frequencies with separately available anonymous flight plans.

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Elon Musk felt the Twitter account was a security concern and contacted the teen for a deal. He offered $5000K for its deletion but the teen adamantly refused. Instead, Jack Sweeney demanded $50000 (Ksh. 5,000,000) compensation and an internship opportunity at the Billionaire’s Tesla Company. He also offered to assist in developing technology that would make Musk’s Jet less traceable.


However, Musk backed down on the deal and instead sent a tweet saying;

‘It don’t feel right to pay to have that Twitter account taken down’

Sweeny said that Musk seems to have implemented some of his ideas about ‘blocking system’ changing his jet’s identifier making it harder to track.

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While speaking to Mail Online, Sweeny said that he will just work around and the blocking system

 “I just have to work around it,” Sweeney said.


Benjamin Njuguna

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  1. Abunuashi
    February 9, 2022

    Great article

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