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The journey of art, photography and traveling

In our lives, challenges face us most of the time. Often we do need somewhere we can escape to the chaos of our daily routines. Travelling and art are some of the methods to ease you stress, make you mentally resilient, enhance your creativity, etc. Photography can link you easily to place you never thought you could travel. In the process, you will get to experience vast forms of art from various culture which will boost your creativity.


Art and Craft

What is art? Art is a wide range of things that we do giving a result. This normally involves an imaginative and creative methods to express our emotions, nature, beauty, conceptual ideas. Art will encourage you to look beyond what you perceive to be.  This assists in discovering new ideas. Moreover, art helps us connect and relate to our environment.

We promote art to help you connect with nature through arts of different scenes and what surrounds our environments. It can also promote culture and heritage by showcasing some norms we did not that existed in our society.

In the article crafts to learn in Kenya while on safari  is a good example of the various craft you can learn while visiting Kenya. Crafts like wood carvings, pottery, glass making, basket weaving are just but a few of the art you can learn about the Kenyan culture.

An Art of elephant from Kenyan artist



What is Photography?  Photography is art of generating images of high quality. An image is captured once light is recorded either chemically or electronically. Normally this is done by high quality cameras like canon. Through images we can record history and moments that we may cherish in the future. We intend to provide you with various images of different places and life forms to show beauty and convey the beauty in our environment.

Through photography we also share various places in the world you never thought existed and their serenity. This can greatly help in self-discovering as we are one with the nature.

In many ways nature heals our souls and helps us focus on our purpose and live a joyful and a fulfilling life. Through arts, photography and travelling we intend to bring you a step closer to nature and become more aware of our environment




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