AI Made Simple: Your Guide to Powerful Tools for Everyone

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Are you a student, a content creator, a graduate without any form of work, or just an ordinary person? if you are, I know your life seems to be so hard as compared to your colleagues, your classmates, and your agemates. They just seem to be knowing what they are doing and are performing extraordinary in their lives. You perform at your 100% and yet you don\’t seem to see the results they perform at their 50% and they are doing so great. Well, here is the secret that they are using that you are not. it well classified in the article below.

“Unlock the Power of AI: From Cooking to Coding, Discover How AI Tools are Revolutionizing Every Aspect of Our Lives!”

Let\’s dive right into it. AI tools have made everybody\’s life easier and if you don\’t know them am just here for you. let\’s start by naming them into their category and elaborate on what each does later.


  • beautiful AI
  • Sheet AI
  • Futurepedia
  • Noty.AI
  • Alan AI
  • Quest AI
  • Magical AI
  • Vowel
  • Cogram
  • Rewind
  • Chatgbt for gooogle sheets


  • Midjourney
  • chatgbt
  • writecream
  • SEO.AI
  • write sonic
  • quilbolt
  • smartcopy
  • jasper
  • simplifield


  • blue willow
  • dalle
  • bing image
  • adope express
  • Figma ai
  • font joy
  • Midjourney

  • robin
  • smartwriter
  • scale
  • reclaim
  • predict AI
  • rationale
  • cresta.AI
  • contanct
  • xembly.AI


  • you chat
  • hugging chat
  • bing AI
  • claude
  • chat spot..
  • chat sonic

  • veed.AI
  • captions
  • runaway
  • invedio
  • deepbrain ai
  • hey gen
  • pictory
  • descript
  • adope enhace
  • krisp
  • fliki.AI

The categories above showcase many types of AI tools that will make your life simple. Alongside them, a few videos show the tiniest thing that the tools can create.

To find out how each tool work …read my next article on how to use AI tools….

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