Exploring 4 Types of love

Love can indeed seem like a whimsical dance, where some people appear to effortlessly find their perfect match while others stumble through a series of disappointing encounters. It’s easy to get swept up in the allure of fairy tales, believing that somewhere out there, your soulmate is waiting to whisk you away on a magical journey. Yet, the reality often falls short of these romantic fantasies.

Instead of princes and princesses, we encounter frogs disguised as potential partners, hoping against hope that they will transform into the love of our lives. But more often than not, they only bring heartache and disappointment. It’s a harsh truth to swallow, realizing that the fairy tale endings we’ve been conditioned to expect may never materialize.

Yet, amidst the disappointment, there are lessons to be learned and stories to be told. These encounters shape us, teaching us about resilience, self-discovery, and the true meaning of love. So, let’s talk about those frogsā€”the ones that made us cry, the ones that taught us invaluable lessons about ourselves and what we truly deserve in love. For in their ribbits and croaks lies the wisdom that guides us closer to finding our own happily ever after, even if it doesn’t look exactly like the fairy tales we once dreamed of.

The first love

First love often ignites a fire within us, filling a void we never knew existed. It’s a whirlwind of romance, where calls and texts seem to never cease, and the thought of being apart feels unbearable. Yet, in the midst of this intoxicating love. We fail to see the inevitable truth: we’re young and still learning. As life unfolds, challenges arise. Whether it’s pursuing education or career opportunities in different corners of the world. It’s when the tough conversations surface like seeking financial support or understanding that cracks begin to appear in the facade of love. When words turn sharp, and instead of support, there’s contempt. You realize that what you thought was love may have been something else entirely. It’s a painful realization, especially when you’re the one who bared your soul first. But eventually, you find the strength to walk away, knowing that staying would only dim your light. It’s a chapter of growth, where you learn that love isn’t just about passion, but about respect and reciprocity. And as you step forward, you carry with you the lessons learned, ready to embrace a love that’s worthy of your heart.

The lust one

He was like a magnetic force, drawing you in with his undeniable charm and effortless allure. His looks could have easily made him arrogant, yet he wore them with humility, his kindness shining through in every interaction. You found yourself falling, or so you thought, for this dazzling man, his presence igniting a fire within you. But as time unfolded, the truth revealed itself: what you mistook for love was merely lust, a desire fueled by physical attraction rather than genuine connection.

In the midst of this whirlwind, a game of truth or dare brought both excitement and discomfort. The dare led him to pin you against the wall, a moment charged with anticipation and longing. As he held you there, the air thick with possibility, you couldn’t help but yearn for his lips to meet yours, even as the rational part of your mind reminded you of the audience around you. Instead, he held you close, a romantic gesture that momentarily transported you to another world.

Yet, beneath the surface, there were truths about him that tarnished the fantasy. It was as if reality had punctured the bubble of infatuation, revealing aspects of his character that clashed with your values and desires. Your heart still yearned for his touch, but your mind knew better. In the end, logic prevailed, reminding you that true love transcends mere physical attraction, and that sometimes, it\’s better to walk away than to lose yourself in the illusion of what could have been.

The one you almost got married to

She met him on a balmy summer evening, his presence commanding attention even in a crowded room. He was the epitome of charm and wit, with a smile that could disarm even the most guarded hearts. As they spoke, she found herself drawn to him, captivated by his intellect and magnetic personality. But beneath his charismatic facade lay a complexity she hadn\’t anticipated.

Their connection deepened with each passing day, yet it was tempered by the realization of their fundamental differences. She, guided by the teachings of her faith, held marriage as sacred, a union to be cherished and honored. He, on the other hand, espoused a belief system that diverged from tradition, dismissing the notion of marriage as a mere societal construct.

Despite her reservations, she couldn\’t help but fall for him, swept away by the intensity of their bond. But his words lingered in her mind like a haunting refrain, a reminder of the chasm that separated their worlds. He spoke of destiny and chance encounters, of finding one\’s soulmate in the unlikeliest of places.

And so, with a heavy heart, she came to understand that their paths were destined to diverge. For as much as she longed to build a future with him, she couldn\’t reconcile his views with her own beliefs. In the end, they parted ways, each carrying the memory of what could have been a love that burned bright but ultimately faltered against the weight of their differences.

Your soulmate but wrong timing

Picture this: a tired evening after work, all you want is a hot bath and some takeout. But just as you\’re about to collapse into bed, love comes knocking. A stranger approach, wanting to chat and unravel the mystery of who you are. At first, you brush him off, but his persistence pays off, and you exchange numbers. Weeks pass, filled with conversations that make you laugh and moments that make you think. Then, out of nowhere, he drops a bombshell: a marriage proposal. It\’s like fate playing a joke, offering up your soulmate when all you wanted was a quiet night in

As you gradually let him into your world, you find yourself opening up to the possibility of something more. His persistence and charm break down your defenses, and before you know it, you’re falling for him. But as soon as you’re ready to embrace a relationship, it’s like a switch flip in him. Suddenly, you’re no longer a priority; you’re just an option, a distraction from the ghost of someone he’s trying to forget. It’s heartbreaking to realize that while you see him as your soulmate, he doesn’t see you the same way. Despite the deep connection you feel, you know you have to walk away. It’s painful, leaving behind the what-ifs and maybes, but deep down, you understand that holding on will only prolong the inevitable heartache. So, with a heavy heart and tear-stained cheeks, you take a step back, letting go of the dream of what could have been, all the while wondering if he’ll ever realize what he’s lost.


In summary there is always going to be that true love. The one that hurts you the most. that one that made you to start appreciating life and the ofkos the one that was like devil sent.


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