How to make that one guy nagging you stop

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Dealing with a guy who just won’t take the hint can be frustrating and exhausting. Whether it’s constant texts, unwanted advances, or relentless pursuit, here are some strategies to put an end to his nagging once and for all.

1. Ask Him for Money Daily

If you don’t like a guy and he keeps bugging you. One effective way to deter his advances is by asking him for money daily. This not only sets a clear boundary but also makes him reconsider his intentions. Most guys looking for a romantic connection will back off if they feel like they’re being taken advantage of financially.

  • Why it works: Asking for money daily signals that you’re not interested in anything beyond a transactional relationship. It can make him realize that his efforts are futile and not worth the investment.
  • Tip: Be firm and consistent in your requests. Don’t accept excuses or attempts to manipulate you into feeling guilty.

2. Set Unrealistic Goals

Another tactic to discourage his advances is by setting unrealistic goals for him. Whether it’s asking him to climb Mount Everest or learn a new language in a week, giving him unattainable tasks can make him realize that you’re not taking him seriously.

  • Why it works: Setting unrealistic goals creates a sense of frustration and impossibility, making him question the feasibility of pursuing you further. It shifts the focus from your relationship to his personal growth and achievements.
  • Tip: Be creative with your goals, but make sure they’re clearly unattainable. Avoid being overly harsh or cruel in your requests.

3. Delay Your Responses

When he texts you, don’t answer immediately, but also don’t block him. Instead, delay your responses to create a sense of distance and ambiguity. While you don’t want to lead him on, keeping the lines of communication open might come in handy if you ever need his help in the future.

  • Why it works: Delaying your responses sends a subtle message that you’re not prioritizing him or eager to engage in conversation. It puts you in control of the interaction and gives you time to assess the situation without burning bridges.
  • Tip: Keep your responses brief and to the point. Avoid engaging in lengthy conversations or emotional discussions that could be misinterpreted as interest.

4. Establish the Friend Zone

Make sure he knows that he’s firmly in the friend zone by using phrases like, “I really love you like my brother,” or “I appreciate how you always take care of me.” These subtle yet clear statements communicate that you see him as a friend and nothing more.

  • Why it works: Establishing the friend zone sets clear boundaries and manages his expectations. It removes any ambiguity about your feelings and reinforces the platonic nature of your relationship.
  • Tip: Be kind but firm in your words. Avoid leading him on or sending mixed signals that could give him false hope.


Dealing with a guy who won’t stop nagging can be challenging, but with the right strategies, you can put an end to his advances and reclaim your peace of mind. By setting boundaries, communicating clearly, and establishing the friend zone, you can effectively deter his persistent behavior and move forward with confidence. Remember, you deserve to be respected and pursued by someone who values you and your boundaries.

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