During the pandemic period did you ever sit and think to yourself.? God this is it, no more education for me or my kids. Well, you are not alone. The pandemic hit when I was in my first year of college and I was like am done. Fortunately, the thing that people thought could not save us came to our rescue. I know you might be wondering what this thing is she is blurring about. Well, it’s the came crawling and reshaped education from the post-pandemic disaster. let’s discuss ways that it did that.

Digital learning

Learning from home. It’s funny how the pandemic brought all these changes towards learning. All over the globe digital learning was made possible .it did not differentiate races or backgrounds, but schools were provided with gadgets that students could use to learn at home. This mainly could be carried out using things like virtual learning. Every student could do their homework at home and be able to have a future. A future of education after the pandemic.

Emphasis on mental health

How did reshaping education provide mental health? You must wonder. Education for both teachers and students on ways to deal with stress was seen as essential in schools. The pandemic has caused many people’s lifestyles to change including yours and mine. Many businesses closed which meant the life we provided for our kids had to change. This directly affected our kids which made them not to be to concentrate in classes. Fortunately, reshaping education provides schools with counselors where both teachers and students can relieve their stress by just talking.

Teacher’s training

Education was provided to teachers regarding technology. Reshaping education brought the need for teachers to learn technology so that they can teach students all over for them to be able to conduct online learning


So, changing how we do school after the pandemic is super important. We need to use more tech, help kids and teachers feel good, do fun projects, and involve parents and the community. With everyone working together, school can be even better than before! What ideas do you have to make school more fun and effective?

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