Thriving as an Adult: Top Strategies for Earning Money Online

Do you ever sit and be like? is it that am dumb or how do I not make money online like most people do. or even if it is not making the money, you sit around and be like everyone is so good at adulting it is like they were born with a manual script of life, and you were just not born with it. Dearest gentle reader..oops forgot we aren’t watching the Bridgerton. By the way season 3 is out check it out. back to our business for the day. Dearest reader let’s gather together here and talk about the two topics.

ways to make money online

First of all, dearest reader, you aren’t dumb. Actually, you are bright. Your determination shows by choosing to read this article right now instead of being tucked away with a movie or TikTok somewhere.

Hi, for those that love TikTok and movies, please don’t attack; I come in peace. Let’s find a way for you to actually make money with TikTok and movies if you are already invested in them, so you don’t have to fight me. media platforms

In the comfort of your own home. Let’s see the steps of making money doing what you are addicted to. And hi especially you guys that are shy and don’t feel that the light should be focused on you. And don’t want your face in social platforms this is for you…

  • Take that phone register in the TikTok and have an account
  • Take your laptop or tv. Whatever you use to watch. Go to your favorite movie site login and find you kind of movies if you know what I mean .
  • Take short videos of the series you are watching post them online and find a good hashtag.
  • Keep others who enjoy movies like you engaged .
  • Get your likes and followers in no time and eventually start going live. I mean livestreaming man! That will be on another level and man won’t you get money.

Steps for Non-Movie Enthusiasts Who Are Confident in Themselves

  • find a good posture and walah…
  • Start recording yourselves …for ladies lets gather here …you know how we always have stories to tell and well our men see that as us talking to much.
  • well record yourself they are many people out there interested to hear how messed up or amazing your job was ..
  • talk about how your job was vlog about everything .dont actually see it as money making tool but actually try to have fun with it .
  • Bored at work take your phone make a funny TikTok post it have fun laugh we actually live once.
  • With time and consistency, the likes and followers will increase. you will have brands trying to advertise their products through you. Enter live once in a while and get those gifts man.

what are you still waiting for …do the necessary take that phone and start earning at your comfort..

2. freelance work .

good at academic and getting A’s in your course.? Able to concentrate for long hours while studying without distractions? Able to do research and paraphrase everything without any plagiarism .Then what are you waiting for run to Upwork, writer’s admin sign in start writing essays and being paid .

3.create a YouTube channel

Let us educate each other here. Do you know people are being paid millions in YouTube . and all you have to do is ….

  • Go to youtube and create a channel
  • go nuts and start recording shorts videos for fun . if you dont mind exposure
  • Dont give create one after the other with time your efforts will start to show by gaining a reasonable amount of subscribers
  • Fear of exposure like me… I know most you don’t like your faces every in the social platforms don’t worry you aren’t alone we are many …
  • it doesnt mean you cannot create your own youtube channel
  • create it go and get ai tools to create short videos for kids or just funny videos
  • post all this and you are good to go ..

let’s go ahead and do this for more content about this ……find the other article @ https://supertecnomads .com. Together with the one about adulting . Dearest gentle reader as I depart please find my other articles and read them together…..

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